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"Writing is your passion. You make it look easy. We know it's not."

We’ll build your online presence
so you can do what you love.

Author Mountain website example
Limitless creative possibilities

Incredible Author Websites

  • Delightfully affordable
  • As stunning as your writing
  • Responsive Web Design
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Out of the box SEO

Think of your author website as your online doppleganger. It’s your #1 portal to connect you to your readers and serve as a discovery page for new fans.

Author Mountain websites are built with WordPress so your site is easily managed. Blog option available. *custom non-Wordpress sites also available

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Love at first sight

Perfect Book Covers

A book cover is worth a thousand words. 

Let us bait ’em, you’ve already written the hook, and with the perfect book cover from Author Mountain, it’s time to reel ’em in!

Build relationships with your biggest fans

Fabulous Marketing Media

It’s a new world. Social media engagement is your author calling card.

We’ve got the tools you need to interact with readers and promote your brand in meaningful ways. 


  • We know how important having a web presence is for authors. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to offer you stress-free web solutions. Whether you need a website, marketing media, or an ebook cover, we’re sure you’ll love our work.

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EBook Covers

Built to entice
  • The passion of your story on the perfect book cover.
  • Impactful first impressions.
  • Animated digital covers.

Author Websites

Your perfect online portal
  • Designed to capture your unique writing style.
  • Built to show it off.
  • Easy to manage.

Marketing Media

Effortless engagement
  • Build and grow relationships with your readers.
  • Interact with your biggest fans.
  • Promote future sales.
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Everything You Need To Get To The Top!